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The Defender

Electric/ Acoustic

Handcarved headstock, bridge saddle and tailpiece
Single Coil Pickup with Custom Wood Cover
Red Agate Inlaid Knurled Chrome Volume and Tone Knobs
Walnut fretboard
Maple neck with satin finish
25 inch scale with 19 frets
Medium nickel-silver fretwire
Steel inlay fret and side markers
Walnut saddle
Threaded rod nut and bridge
Strap Buttons installed
4 strings tuned to open G (GDGB)
Approximate dimensions: overall length 34 1/4”. Body: Length 11 3/4” x Width 8 ½” x Depth 4 5/8”

The Defender

  • The Defender. Original, highly detailed woodburned and hand painted artwork covers this guitar from front to back along with a handcarved headstock, bridge saddle, and tailpiece. A custom wood cover tops the single coil pickup, while red agate inlaid chrome knobs grace the controls. Make it yours

    Special notes: The nut, bridge, and bridge saddle are purposefully NOT glued down, but rather held by string tension. This allows for future adjustments if necessary. Should you prefer higher or lower action, you can replace nut and/or bridge rods with those of a larger or smaller diameter. Also, leaving the bridge and saddle “floating” allows for intonation adjustments as needed. 
    Helpful Tip - if intonation at the 12th fret is sharp, slide the bridge slightly back toward the tailpiece until the note is in tune. Likewise, if the intonation at the 12th fret is flat, slide the bridge slightly forward toward the nut until the note is in tune. When changing strings, do so one at a time in order to maintain bridge and nut positioning. Naturally, you can contact me if you have any questions.

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