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About Deepseed Guitars

I don’t have a conventional wood shop - there are no scroll saws, drill presses, or belt sanders in my humble home.

I do have a loving wife, a beautiful little boy, and a passion for what I do with conviction and determination...

Create. Build. Do it to the very best of your abilities, then push yourself further. Share knowledge you gain, remembering what it was like to wander through discovery wishing for the blessing of guidance. No matter the resources you think you may or may not have, find your own true well and draw from it. You never know what you can accomplish until you test yourself.

As a player for more than 35 years, and a painter and decorative artist for over 2 decades, I’ve been driven by the desire to transform the ordinary into something that inspires. Creating each instrument is a true labor of love, and as a player, I strive to fabricate every element with the player in mind. I specifically choose the boxes I use based on resonant quality that sounds full acoustically, and I generally use maple for necks and walnut for fret boards because of their beauty and strength. I focus a great deal of attention on crafting the neck to look and, most importantly, feel good in a player’s hand. Fret work is usually based on a 25” scale using medium fret wire.  Pickups and electronics can run the spectrum...

What makes a Deepseed Guitar special? Attention to detail in craftsmanship and artistic expression. Every instrument is a one of a kind offering of truly functional art, created with the hope of inspiring you. Each headstock, bridge saddle, and tailpiece are hand carved and unique, balancing the theme and design elements of the guitar body art. I have embraced the medium of wood burning/pyrography as the first step in bringing most instrument body themes to life - it brings a texture and dimensionality to each design which painting or staining alone cannot provide. Every instrument is unique - you will have the only one of its kind. I have built and created custom guitars specifically designed for their owners many times - feel free to review pictures of past offerings along with the present. If you have a custom idea that speaks to you artistically, I’d be thrilled to create something that would be profound for you. Whether you are a musician, a lover of art, or any variation of the two, you’ve come to the right place and I’d consider it a privilege to share the experience with you.

Deepseed Guitars began as a way to bring passion for music and original art together in one beautiful form.   I’ve always had a great love for the guitar, and when I played my first resonator instrument,  something so visceral, so primal struck me and led me back in time and deeper into the roots of playing.  I then discovered how much of the blues emanated from instruments that were home grown - a box, a stick, and strings that somehow conveyed sorrow and joy in a way like nothing else could.  I had to build one, then another...

Passions have led me to build these instruments in a home grown workshop in  my family’s NYC apartment.  I am blessed with the love and support of my amazing wife in this leap of faith and conviction. - but when I’m building each guitar, nothing resonates more purely than  the voice of our beautiful, beautiful boy who echoes my joy when he excitedly asks (every time), “are there strings on it yet, daddy?”  When I answer, “Yeah, buddy!”,  he knows something special is complete.

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