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Deepseed Guitars offers custom crafted instruments featuring hand carved headstocks, bridge saddles, and tailpieces, with an emphasis on original artwork and design. Each guitar presents a unique thematic interpretation of a concept.


Most designs incorporate custom wood burned pyrography on the body prior to any paint, stain, or finishing phases, which lends an additional element of dimension and physical character. Focus on detail and quality of build is paramount as every guitar is made, not solely to be visually striking, but to be fully appreciated by the active player.


Creative loves come together in building these instruments. Our goal is to share in the beautiful experience of music with you, and for these creations to inspire and channel your inspirations.

Distinctive instruments with one-of-a-kind artistic designs...

Musicians recognize a need for, and ultimately require what is in their hands to truly perform as a vehicle for making music.  Construction of each of my instruments begins and ends with this principle at the core, but it doesn't stop there... 


My approach in designing is to embrace creative and progressive ideas, celebrate art, and pay homage to the magical history of American musical roots.  When it comes to crafting Deepseed Guitars,  I live for the moment when someone sees one, plays one, and feels inspired - it truly validates the purpose behind everything I have been undeniably drawn to do.


I hope that owning a Deepseed Guitar impassions you to channel YOUR inner art and music!


- Rich Kennedy

Deepseed Guitars



LET'S get Deeper...

If you have a specific theme or concept in mind that resonates with you, I'd be thrilled to design an instrument tailored to your vision...


MOST RECENT CREATIONS - scroll across to take a peek below...

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